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What is the New York State and Local Retirement System?

The New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) comprises two different systems, administered by the same staff. They are:
  • The Employee's Retirement System (ERS) - provides service and disability retirement benefits, as well as death benefits to employees of participating public employers in non-teaching positions, exclusive of New York City. This includes uniformed services personnel, such as correction officers and sheriffs.
  • The Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) - provides service and disability retirement benefits, as well as death benefits to police officers and firefighters who work for participating public employers, exclusive of New York City.
The New York State Comptroller is the administrative head of the Retirement System.

Planning for Retirement

Important Links for Retirement Planning

Retirement Videos

NYSLRS has prepared a 7-part video series to help you plan for retirement. Parts 1 and 2 are completed and available for viewing. Look for Parts 3-7 over the next few months as NYSLRS completes the series.

Part One - Information is the Key
Part Two - Repaying Your Retirement System Loans

Where Do I Find More Retirement Planning Information?

If you are close to retirement and have more questions, consider scheduling an appointment with an information representative at NYSLRS's consultation sites.  They come to Plattsburgh and meet members at the Government Building on a regular basis.  Click here for the 2015 Consultation Site Schedule .

Members Information


Member Forms
Other Forms
For the important filing deadlines related to these forms, please click HERE to visit the NYSLRS Retirement System Forms website.


Please click HERE to visit the NYSLRS publications page for members. Here, you can find plan booklets for Employees' Retirement System members. These plan booklets are arranged by tier and by special plans for miscellaneous titles.

Benefit Projector Calculator

Please click HERE to use the NYSLRS Benefit Projector Calculator. This Benefit Projector Calculator can help you estimate your pension based on the information you enter. You may find it helpful to have your Member Statement available as you enter information.

Please remember that the calculator can only provide you with an estimate of your potential benefit.

Medicare Information

If you are eligible for Medicare, the "Medicare & You" guide can be a good reference.