Workers' Compensation (On-Duty Injury or Illness)

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers' compensation insurance protects employers from liability for on-the-job injuries resulting in employee disability or death.  In addition, it provides injured workers with monetary relief and medical benefits, or, in the case of death, survivor benefits to their dependents.

"Comp Alliance" is a group self-insured workers' compensation program, designed exclusively for municipal corporations in New York State. As part of a group self-insurance program, members pool their resources together to provide workers' compensation coverage for their respective employees. 

Information for the Injured Worker:

What to Do When Injured
Workers' Compensation Benefits
How to File a Claim
The Claim Process
Frequently Asked Questions

Workers' Compensation Claimant Information Packet:

About Workers' Compensation Claimants Procedure
Claim Form C-3
Claim Form C-3.3
Instructions on How to Fill In Claim Forms
Workers' Comp Board Authorized Health Care Provider