Lake City Local Development Corporation


The mission of the Lake City LDC, Inc. is to create and enhance employment opportunities by assisting businesses to start up or expand in the City of Plattsburgh and to assist the City in administering community development programs and planning community development projects.

The Lake City Local Development Corporation (LCLDC) carries out its mission by:

1) Encouraging economic development projects within the City of Plattsburgh by creating an atmosphere of open communication with economic development groups both public and private.

2) Coordinating the evaluation and making recommendations on applications for City economic development loans to the Common Council.

3) Providing a forum and means of communicating citizen views on community development plans

4) Initiating communication with existing businesses located in the City of Plattsburgh in order to encourage retention and job growth

5) Working in concert with the Mayor and Councilors regarding job creation and economic development within the City

Board of Directors

Doug Butdorf - President
Carol McLean - Vice President
Jeremiah Ward - Secretary
Zachary Latinville
Christopher Rosenquest
Scott Allen 
Aaron Benner 

Matthew Miller - Executive Director

Office of Community Development
41 City Hall Place
Plattsburgh, NY 12901