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Procedure in Appealing The Zoning Ordinance Class A Variance

  1. An application is hereby made to the Zoning Board of Appeals pursuant to the City of Plattsburgh Zoning Ordinance for the variance to allow the property use as herein described.

  2. Identify Applicant's Rights to Apply for Variance:

  3. Applications for Zoning Variances must be accompanied by:

  4. 13 copies of existing and proposed site plan

  5. 13 copies of existing and proposed floor plan

  6. The Zoning Board of Appeals may impose reasonable conditions and restrictions on the grant of area and use variances provided they are directly related to an incidental to the proposed use of the property. Such conditions shall be consistent with the spirit and intent of the zoning law, and shall be imposed for the purpose of minimizing any adverse impact such as variance may have on the neighborhood or community.

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