May 08
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Location: Saranac River from Adirondack Lane to Pine Street, City of Plattsburgh, County of Clinton, State of New York.
Details: The Saranac River cleanup project is entering a new phase starting Friday May 08, 2015. Preparations are under way to start constructing a river diverting dam in the area of the old Saranac Street Bridge (just upstream of the Plattsburgh Police Department). The diverting dam will consist of steel sheeting and concrete blocks placed in the middle of the river and will be hazardous to anyone traveling on the river through that section. Signs and buoys have been placed in and around the river requiring people to exit in the area across from 90 Pine Street.  This is a temporary but mandatory exit point.  ALL tubers, boaters, kayakers, canoers, fishermen (all persons) are prohibited from trespassing within the river construction zone. This section of the river is fenced and posted "No Trespassing" as there is a risk of serious injury or death if these warnings are ignored.
The river cleanup / construction company has installed a set of stairs leading from the river's edge, up the bank to Pine Street (across from 90 Pine Street).  Once out of the river you may walk down Pine Street to the Kennedy Bridge on Broad Street and re-enter the water.
Anyone violating these no trespassing provisions will subject themselves to arrest. Criminal Trespass in the third degree is a class "B" misdemeanor.   
Questions related to the construction project should be directed to:
Michael Flynn 
(ARCADIS) on behalf of NYSEG 
(413) 281-5886

Clayton Ellis
NYSEG Public Relations 
(607) 762-7336

Authorized by 
Chief Desmond J. Racicot


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Apr 13
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On April 9, 2015 at approximately 4:30 pm, City Police responded to 105 Brinkerhoff Street for a report of a Robbery that occurred inside the residence. The victim was identified as Kyle Pascullo (20) of Goldens Bridge NY. The initial investigation revealed that two individuals, who were believed to be known by Pascullo, forcibly stole cash from his person and then assaulted him and a room-mate as they attempted to escape. It is alleged, the incident took place during a drug deal where Pascullo was attempting to purchase approximately $9000 in marijuana. During the transaction, Pascullo was allegedly threatened with a knife at which time he displayed an imitation pistol. The pistol was taken away from Pascullo during a struggle and ultimately used by one of the suspects to strike him with prior to them escaping. During the investigation, Police seized $9,100 from the apartment, which is believed to be proceeds from prior drug sales.
A description of the suspect vehicle was broadcast and the two suspects were located southbound on I87 a short time later by Essex County Sheriff’s Deputies and the New York State Police. The suspects were identified as Benjamin M Clint (19) of the Bronx, NY and Zachary R Itwaru (22) of South Salem NY. Both suspects were arrested and arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court on Friday.
Benjamin M Clint was charged with 1 count of Robbery 1st Degree (Class B Felony)

Zachary R Itwaru was charged with 1 count of Reckless Endangerment 2nd Degree (Class A Misdemeanor) and 1 count of Criminal Facilitation 4th Degree (Class A Misdemeanor).
The investigation is ongoing and further charges are expected.

Submitted by: Sgt. Bradley Kiroy
Contact: Chief Desmond Racicot
Phone: 563-3411
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Apr 10
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On Wednesday morning April 8th, 2015, the Plattsburgh City Police Department started receiving numerous calls relating to thefts from vehicles. The reports continued to be received throughout the day totaling 25 vehicles and 2 buildings. The locations of the thefts were reported from: Grace Ave., Beekman Street, Prospect Ave., Traflagar, Flaglar, and Crescent Drive. Property taken ranges from GPS units to loose cash and other miscellaneous items. 
On Thursday April 9th, 2015 uniformed officers and investigators located Andrew Juneau and Austin Lapier at a residence on Prospect Ave... Subsequent investigation uncovered Juneau and Lapier to be in possession of stolen property at that location. Officers arrested the pair and executed a search warrant on the residence. Officers collected a bounty of stolen property and are actively working on returning it to the rightful owners. This will be a long process due to the amount of property recovered.  
Arrested are:  
Andrew Juneau 22, of the Military Turnpike Ellenburgh Depot 
Charged with: 
(2) Counts of Criminal Possession of stolen property in the 3rd degree a class “D” felony 
(3) Counts of Petit Larceny a class “A” misdemeanor
Austin Lapier 20, of Plattsburgh 
Charged with:
Burglary in the 3rd degree a class “D” felony 
Grand Larceny in the third degree a class “D” felony 
(2) Counts of Petit Larceny a class “A” misdemeanor
Each man was acting in concert with the other and additional charges are anticipated. Both men will be arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court Friday morning April 10th, 2015. 
If you were subject to a vehicle larceny or a victim of some other theft of property during the overnight hours Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, please contact the Plattsburgh Police Department. 
Photographs of the two subjects in custody are available upon request.

Authorized by:
Chief Desmond Racicot 
Phone: 563-3411 
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Apr 03
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On Thursday April 2nd, 2015 at approx. 10:45 pm, Plattsburgh Police received several notifications of an altercation involving two males. During the altercation, witnesses observed one of the males brandishing a handgun and running after the second male who was fleeing the scene. Officers responded to the area and began searching for the combatants. Both men were located and taken into custody by officers. Officers searched the area of Brinkerhoff and Oak Street subsequently locating and securing a black metallic air soft replica of a semi-automatic pistol (photo attached). Further investigation revealed that the event was staged by the two men who were attempting to record the spoof for YouTube. Both men were arrested and charged with the following:
Timothy Taylor, 25 of Plattsburgh
  • Criminal Possession of a weapon in the third degree a class “D” felony
  • Criminal Nuisance in the second degree a class “A” Misd
  • Conspiracy in the 6th degree a class “B” Misd.
Brandon Snell, 23 of Plattsburgh 
  • Criminal Nuisance in the second degree a class “A” Misd
  • Conspiracy in the 6th degree a class “B” Misd 
Taylor was held for arrangement in Plattsburgh City Court while Snell was released on an appearance ticket with a court date of April 14th, 2015.
Contact: Chief Desmond Racicot 
Phone: 563-3411 
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Mar 06
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The Plattsburgh City Police Department in conjunction with the New York State Police have arrested James E. Strong, 44 of Jay New York and his son Trevor J. Strong, 20 also from Jay New York; in connection with the Glens Falls National Bank robbery which occurred at approx. 2:30pm on March 2nd, 2015.  It is alleged that James Strong purchased a fake mustache and wig at a local business and used them to commit the robbery at the bank. James Strong then exited the bank and made his way to his vehicle waiting nearby, where his son Trevor is believed to have been the getaway driver. The vehicle left the parking area onto Cornelia Street and fled the scene. 
On March 3, 2015 a New York State Trooper, spotted the suspect vehicle while patrolling the area near exit 30 off interstate 87. After calling for assistance and observing the vehicle following it to the Noon Mark diner in Keene New York. Both plain clothes and uniformed officers made their way to the diner finding both Strong’s inside. They were placed in custody without incident and transported to the Plattsburgh Police Department.  
Investigation into this matter continues at this time. 
Both James and Trevor Strong will be arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court in the later afternoon hours of March 3rd. At this time both subjects are charged with Robbery in the third degree a class “D” felony and Grand Larceny in the third degree, also a class “D” felony. 
james_strong.jpg    trevor_strong.jpg
James Strong                                   Trevor Strong
Authorized by:
Chief DesmondRacicot 
Phone: 563-3411  
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Mar 03
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At about 2:30pm today (March 2nd, 2015) the Glens Falls National Bank on Cornelia St, City of Plattsburgh was robbed. The Plattsburgh Police Department is seeking to identify the male in the attached video and photo. Please call (518) 563-3411 with any information. It is important that you do not approach the person.
still1sm.png     still2sm.png
Authorized by
Chief Desmond J. Racicot
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Feb 25
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On February 25, 2015, City Police located the body of Cherokee L Styles (36) of Plattsburgh in a heavily wooded area off Reeves Lane in the Town of Plattsburgh. Styles was reported missing on February 18th 2015. Investigators followed up on numerous leads over the last several days, which led to the search being conducted in that area. An autopsy will be conducted at CVPH in the coming days; however, foul play is not suspected. Since the deceased was found in the Town of Plattsburgh, the New York State Police were called in to continue the investigation.
Cherokee L. Styles (36)
Contact: Chief Desmond Racicot
Phone: 563-3411
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Feb 17
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On February 14th at approximately 12:11 pm, Plattsburgh City Police were called to 45 Miller Street for a report of an individual damaging a vehicle in the driveway. When Officers arrived, they found the complainant, Aaron Thew (55) of Plattsburgh, restraining an individual who was later identified as Lennox Skyers (28) of the Bronx NY. It was apparent Thew had suffered numerous stab wounds to his face, arms and torso. A second individual, identified as Shawn Lyons (21) of Plattsburgh was also found to have been stabbed. After a brief struggle, Skyers was taken into custody. Thew and Lyons were transported to the hospital by ambulance.
Investigating officers determined Skyers assaulted Lyons inside the residence after a dispute between Skyers and his girlfriend, Mallory Godreau (24). It is alleged Skyers struck Lyons several times with a rock and stabbed him once in the head with a kitchen knife. Skyers then exited the apartment where he encountered Thew in the driveway. Skyers allegedly stabbed Thew several times before striking him in the head with the rock. Thew was able to fight Skyers off and restrain him until Police arrived.
Lyons and Thew were both treated at Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital for facial fractures and multiple lacerations and puncture wounds. Both men have been discharged from the hospital as of today.
Skyers was charged with two counts of Attempted Murder in the second degree (Class A Felonies), four counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree (Class D Felonies) and one count of Criminal Mischief in the third degree (Class E Felony). He was arraigned in Plattsburgh City Court on Sunday and remanded to the Clinton County Jail.
Lennox Skyers, 28

Submitted by Sgt. Bradley Kiroy

Contact: Chief Desmond Racicot
Phone: 563-3411
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Feb 06
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On Thursday, February 5, 2015, City Police received a report of a Burglary that occurred overnight at an office building located at 43 Durkee Street. Officers arriving on the scene discovered multiple businesses housed in the office building were broken into and a large amount of property was stolen. Detectives and uniformed Officers followed several leads and by Thursday afternoon, most of the property had been recovered and two suspects were in custody.
Detectives arrested Melanie E Carlock (28) of 8 Pond Street, Plattsburgh and Randi L Chaney (34) of 790 Rt 22, Mooers NY. It is alleged that Carlock and Chaney broke into several businesses and stole property including electronics, housewares, artwork and business supplies. The property was later located in Carlock’s Pond Street apartment and vehicle during the execution of a search warrant.
Carlock and Chaney haves been each charged with Burglary 3rd Degree (4 Counts each), Attempted Burglary 3rd Degree (1 Count each), Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th Degree (1 Count each), Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5th Degree (3 Counts each) and Criminal Mischief 4th Degree (1 Count each).
Mug Photos below:
carlock.jpg    chaney.jpg
Carlock                                                Chaney

Submitted by: Sgt. Bradley Kiroy

Contact: Chief Desmond Racicot
Phone: 563-3411
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Jan 22
by webadmin | 22 Jan : 15:27 |

January 22nd, 2015:

At 9:50 am, Plattsburgh High School Officials notified City Police that a student discovered a hand written message in a school bathroom implying the school would be blown up.

For approximately 2 ½ hours City Police, school staff, members of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, University Police and a New York State Police K-9 team conducted a search of the building and grounds but did not find any kind of dangerous device.

Bomb threats are very serious matter. This event disrupted school and created significant anxiety for students, families, school staff and the community. It will be thoroughly investigated and police ask that anyone with information about the individual(s) responsible call the Plattsburgh Police Department at (518) 563-3411 or Plattsburgh High School at (518) 561-7500.

Authorized by
Chief Desmond J. Racicot
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